It's not long until New Super Mario Bros. 2 hits both the digital and retail stores, out on Friday (Aug 17th) Mario's latest adventure is set to be coin-crazy.

To celebrate Mario's love for coins Nintendo UK has unveiled "Coin Rush", a competition where, just like in New Super Mario Bros. 2, it’s up to you to collect as many Coins as you can. In return for Coins, there are some amazing prizes up for grabs.

"To get started, all you need to do is visit the Nintendo 3DS UK Facebook page and commence your hunt. It'll be raining coins and prizes, so keep your eyes glued to the Nintendo UK Facebook and Twitter pages so you don't miss Golden Tweets and the locations of the all-important coin codes. The ultimate winner of Coin Rush will receive a Nintendo 3DS XL console and every Nintendo 3DS first-party title released for a year. In addition there are more Nintendo 3DS XL consoles, Limited Edition Nintendo GameCube Mario Controllers and many more exclusive goodies to claim, so get collecting now!"

Look high, look low and most importantly listen to the clues from Nintendo UK and you could be in with a chance. In the meantime why not watch this teaser trailer and pay attention!

For more information check the official UK Super Mario Hub and follow @NintendoUK on Twitter for all the latest official news from Nintendo.