One message that Nintendo has been keen to emphasise is that Wii U will avoid the launch day mistakes that hit 3DS, promising that plenty of content will be available from the beginning. There's little doubt that a relatively high price and the lack of a 'killer app' hurt the handheld, so Nintendo faces a task to avoid either of these issues affecting Wii U.

Nintendo UK boss, David Yarnton, has avoided details but told MCV that Wii U will be a worthwhile purchase when it hits stores.

One of the problems with 3DS was content. When we launched we didn’t have the content we do now, or the functionality for download games either. We do have that now, and did get there a few months after launch.

But with the Wii U, we had 23 games on show at E3, plus Netflix and Amazon and other services all hopefully for launch – it’s a great value proposition.

He did seem to reiterate that Nintendo wants to avoid a loss on each system, stating that "we have a cost we have to hit to get our money back". We'll learn in the next few months what Nintendo considers to be great value, but what do you want to pay for Wii U, and what do you expect to find in the box?