Lots of gamers have shelled out for this

Nintendo UK has just revealed all-time sales charts for Wii's Virtual Console, and it contains a sum total of zero surprises.

On NES, legendary platformer Super Mario Bros. 3 sits atop the chart, just above Super Mario Bros. and, strangely, Pac-Man.

SNES players favour Super Mario World over all others, with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in second. Donkey Kong Country sits pretty in third.

In the Nintendo 64 charts, top of the bill is — surprise, surprise — Super Mario 64. Second is Mario Kart 64, perhaps surprising considering Super Mario Kart only reached 8th in the SNES charts, though MK64 was released in 2007 while its SNES predecessor landed in April 2010. Third place in the UK N64 charts went to Paper Mario, rounding out plumbing podium domination on N64.

The UK Virtual Console charts — compiled from purchases made by Club Nintendo members — are worth a read if you want to see Mario, Sonic and friends reigning supreme.

[source nintendo.co.uk]