First person fighting!

There were just two games last month, but this time the count will be slightly creeping up again as Japan is scheduled to get three new Wii Virtual Console games. Just like the past few months, D4 continues to show strong support, as two of the new games will be Neo Geo games, while the remaining one is a Famicom title unlikely to see a western release.

Japan's full list for this month is as follows:


  • Ganbare Goemon Gaiden: Kieta Ougon Kiseru (May 1st) — A bit of a strange sight to western Goemon fans, this is not a platformer/adventure game like most of the other titles in the series, but rather an RPG.

Neo Geo:

  • The Super Spy — One of the more unusual Neo Geo games, this is, believe it or not, a first-person beat 'em up, where you move through levels punching, kicking and shooting enemies through the eyes of your character. There's also hostages to rescue and special power-ups to collect. This one had a western release originally, so it could see the light of day outside Japan eventually.
  • Shock Troopers — Two non-fighting games for the Neo Geo in a row this week, as Shock Troopers is a shooter with an overhead view, similar to games like Commando. It's a bit of a cult classic, and it's a bit strange it took this long to appear on VC when it was included in a Neo Geo collection (on Wii, among other platforms) a few years ago.

The 3DS Virtual Console in Japan is also still going strong with about one new game every single week, and the next one is another big hitter — Japan's next 3DS VC game is going to be Wario Land 3, meaning that unless Nintendo adds Virtual Boy support, every possible Wario Land game will be available for purchase.