A bit more than 1-up

Nintendo's released updated sales figures for all its consoles, and it's certainly a lot of numbers.

The company's three current platforms — 3DS, Wii and the DS family — sit at a combined global sales figure of 264.5 million consoles sold. That figure's dwarfed by the software statistic: over 1.76 billion games have been sold for all three machines combined.

Here's the breakdown of where each console stands. Figures include sales up to and including 31st March 2012, but do not include games sold via download.

Nintendo 3DS

Hardware: 17.13m
Software: 45.42m
Best-selling titles: Super Mario 3D Land — 5.84m
Mario Kart 7 — 5.24m
Nintendogs + Cats — 2.70m
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D — 2.61m
Pokémon Rumble Blast — 1.08m

Nintendo DS family

Hardware: 151.52m
Software: 900.31m
Best-selling titles: New Super Mario Bros. — 29.09m
Nintendogs — 23.89m
Mario Kart DS — 22.57m
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl — 17.61m
Pokémon Black and White — 14.71m


Hardware: 95.85m
Software: 818.46m
Best-selling titles: Wii Sports — 79.60m
Mario Kart Wii — 32.44m
Wii Sports Resort — 30.14m
Wii Play — 28.02m
New Super Mario Bros. Wii — 26.26m

And, just for fun, the lifetime hardware and software sales for Nintendo's past machines.

Game Boy Advance family

Hardware: 81.51m
Software: 377.42m

Game Boy family

Hardware: 118.69m
Software: 501.11m


Hardware: 21.74m
Software: 208.57m

Nintendo 64

Hardware: 32.93m
Software: 224.97m

Super Nintendo

Hardware: 49.10m
Software: 379.06m


Hardware: 61.91m
Software: 500.01m

Grand Totals

Adding together all Nintendo console and hardware sales results in the following staggering figures:

Total Nintendo hardware sales: 630.38m
Total Nintendo software sales: 3.955 billion

That's a lot of coins.

[source nintendo.co.jp, via nintendo.co.jp]