Here it is again

It may have been the first major 3DS title of 2012, but the North American release of Resident Evil Revelations was affected by the horrifying Revelaitons typo. It caused much mirth around the internet as reviewers posted photos of the offending box-art, as well as the strange scenario of some gamers actually voicing a preference for copies with the wrong spelling.

In an interview with Game Informer, Capcom's SVP of planning and business development Christian Svensson admitted that it had been an embarrassing incident, though managed to see the funny side.

For Resident Evil: Revelations, I can’t even tell you how many people looked at that package and approved it. Nintendo of America, Nintendo Japan, ESRB, I don’t know how many people internally, and our guys in Japan. I can’t come up with an excuse for it. It just happened. We’re not happy about it.

There are new processes that were put in place that involve people outside the company. We’ve redefined who has final say over packaging. I’m cautiously optimistic we won’t be seeing this happen again. It’s embarrassing. I can’t really sugarcoat it.

There are only about 90,000 units that have the misprint. If you’ve got it and it’s shrink-wrapped, that’s a new special edition, that’s our new strategy. [laughs]

Svensson also discussed the positives and negatives of fan involvement in development processes, with reference to Mega Man Legends 3.

The transparency and involvement from the fans, it turned out to be a double-edged sword. In the end it’s still something I want to do more of. I don’t think we as an industry do enough of it. Being that transparent, unfortunately, opens the wounds much greater when something bad happens. I wouldn’t have changed that.

As for the decision to not move forward with the project, I’d prefer to not comment on that.

It's unsurprising that no comment was given about the title's cancellation, but what do you think of Svensson's comments on fan participation? Should it be something that major developers try in future projects?