Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime's CES "interview" with Spike TV didn't give anything major away — games and dates remain a mystery — but he did speak in very broad terms about Nintendo's vision for its upcoming console.

Talking about the plan to continue broadening the Wii install base, Fils-Aime naturally pointed to the controller, hinting at its applications in a broader sense than just gaming:

Fundamentally the way we will do that is with the Wii U controller. It's got a built-in touch screen, it's got all of your standard game buttons in the front, in the back and what it will do is create a two screen gaming experience. That's where the innovation is and we believe that not only for gaming but for a full range of entertainment it's going to continue pushing the boundaries.

Wii allows streaming video through Netflix or BBC iPlayer of course, but its multimedia offering is undeniably lagging behind Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

We've heard hints that Wii U will get E-Reader capabilities and a full on Wii U App store — could that be what Fils-Aime's hinting at?