Iwata knows it's time to be serious

Even though the 3DS has hit 15 million sales worldwide, it's not been enough to help Nintendo post a profit, with the company expecting to post an operating loss of 45,000 million Yen in this financial year.

Nintendo revised its financial expectations this morning as follows:

Net sales — revised down from 790,000m Yen to 660,000m Yen.
Operating income — revised down from 1,000m Yen profit to 45,000m Yen loss.
Ordinary income — down from 30,000m Yen loss to 65,000m Yen loss.
Net income — 20,000m Yen loss down to 65,000m Yen loss.

Nintendo cites the continued strength of the Yen and its revised sales targets for its new estimates.

In the financial year to date so far, Nintendo has made a net loss of 48,351m Yen.