Now, how about G...?

Monster Hunter 3 (~Tri) is the only taste of Monster Hunting action Nintendo fans in Europe and North America have been able to savour, but it's safe to say it's left them wanting more if the interest in Monster Hunter 3 G and Monster Hunter 4 is anything to go by. Capcom USA senior vice president Christian Svensson knows that, recently speaking to Siliconera about the future of the franchise outside Japan.

Pointing to the success of MH3's online play, Svensson acknowledges there's improvements to be made to the online performance of future MH games, as well as making them more beginner-friendly:

I think that looking forward there are ways to greatly improve the accessibility and the online feature set. As an example of improved accessibility, the Japan-only Monster Hunter Tri G on 3DS adds an optional lock-on camera for new players. It doesn’t change the way veteran players will play, but it adds an easier option for newcomers.

While other Capcom series like Street Fighter and Resident Evil have both reached widespread popularity in the West, Svensson things Monster Hunter will get there too with the right push:

All of that said, the Monster Hunter brand will grow. Every subsequent outing of the title has found a larger audience than its predecessors in North America. We know the games are incredibly engaging and generate a passionate audience that while smaller in the West, that audience is more vocal and passionate than just about any other brand we have (including Street Fighter or Resident Evil). I have no doubt that someday, its prominence in the West will rival our other brands.

Here's hoping localisations of Monster Hunter 3 G and 4 are part of Capcom's plans to expand the franchise.