The newest third-party eShop release is getting some extra content

Pyramids released last week on the North American eShop, and publisher Enjoy Gaming is celebrating with a new QR code stage, which you can scan below. The company also let us know that for those players who find themselves stuck in a particularly challenging spot, the team will happily provide assistance via its Facebook page. That's also where you'll find new QR code stages every week, the first of which is already online.

To play the extra level below, just follow these instructions:

  • Launch Pyramids
  • On the title's front screen, select 'QR CODE'
  • The top screen will show nine level slots, under a seventh World called 'The Secret Passage'.
  • Make sure that an empty slot is selected with the D-Pad, then tap 'IMPORT' on the touch screen.
  • Follow the instructions on the touch screen to line up the code (on a PC screen is fine) with the camera on the top screen; the whole code must be visible.
  • Tap the box on the touchscreen when the code is lined up, and the level will download almost instantly.
  • You will be able to play the level by selecting it in the QR Code screen and hitting 'START'.


As an added bonus, you can also check out two pieces of game artwork below, and make sure to scan our exclusive QR level that debuted with the European release as well.