Monster Hunter's spiritual home is on the PSP, where its many incarnations have sold countless millions in Japan, and far fewer copies elsewhere in the world. Last year saw its first appearance on a Nintendo console with the formidable Monster Hunter 3 (~Tri), a critical success, and since the revelation of the 3DS fans of the series have been insisting Capcom bring the series to Nintendo's next portable.

Ryuji Tsujimoto, the game's producer, has heard these cries; he may even want to help out, if this cryptic statement is to be believed:

The 3DS is releasing, too, so I think the right time to switch [Monster Hunter] to new hardware is coming as well.

Bear in mind that Sony is expected to release a successor to the PSP in 2011, so Tsujimoto could be referring to this, or another form of hardware altogether. Take this with a pretty big pinch of salt and continue to dream of what could be.