The game is full of lovely art like this.

By now you've hopefully read our Solatorobo: Red the Hunter review, and if the 20-hour story mode isn't long enough for you there's good news: it doesn't end there.

Nintendo has just given more details about the game's free downloadable quests that keep the action going after the credits roll. The first quest, available today, puts the canine Red Savarin in full-on Lassie mode, rescuing someone lost down a mine; in quest four, Red teaches the importance of fire prevention.

Full details and information on how to download the quest is below. North American users, you have to wait for your chance to grab the game as it's set for release later this year.


Four brand new Solatorobo: Red the Hunter quests available only via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

15th July 2011: Get ready to explore even more of the mythical floating islands of the Shepherd Republic as Nintendo launch four new quests for Solatorobo: Red the Hunter the new action adventure game which was made available across Europe on the 1st July 2011, exclusively for the Nintendo DS family of portable systems and which can be enjoyed in 2D on your Nintendo 3DS system.

A brand new quest will become available to unlock and download every week exclusively via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The first four quests will take Red on some exciting adventures across the Shepherd Republic:

Quest 1: available 15.07.11
Emergency Search: Red has to search for someone who has become trapped down a mine
Quest 2: available 22.07.11
A Kidnapped Sister: Red comes to the rescue when a girl is kidnapped by pirates
Quest 3: available 29.07.11
Find the Lost Girl: Find a friend who has gone missing under suspicious circumstances
Quest 4: available 05.08.11
Fire Drill!: Red has to teach some young children about fire prevention

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter allows you to enter a world of epic fantasy action in a high octane RPG. The game has been created by internationally renowned designers, Nobuteru Yuki, and animated by MADHOUSE. You take on the story of Red Savarin, a 17 year old anthropomorphic dog, and his robot, Dahak, as he battles with a giant robotic “mecha” and other enemies on his journey through the Shepherd Republic. After a chance encounter with the mysterious Elh, he gets inadvertently entangled in an epic adventure to save the world from destruction at the claws of the ancient evil being, Lares.

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To download the extra quests via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection simply follow the instructions below:

1) Select "Quest Download" from the main menu.
2) Tap "Nintendo WFC Setup" and enter all the details required to access your wireless Internet connection. (These settings will be saved for the future so you won't have to do this step again for this connection!)
3) Next, select 'Download' from the menu.
4) Once the connection is completed you'll find new assignments in-game at the Quest Brokers around the Shepherd Republic.
5) Don't forget to check back regularly as new quests become available.