Nintendo sent out early Wii U technical specifications after E3, but the system's technical specifications are still mostly unknown, partly as developers aren't yet working on final hardware. SEGA Europe's managing director of development Gary Dunn told Eurogamer it's expecting to receive updated prototype hardware in June or July.

Once the latest hardware is on developer desks we'll have a far better overall picture of the console's graphical power, its online connectivity features and the possibilities the new controller offers. Whether any developers will speak up on record about the machine's capabilities, however, is another matter.

Even with the current hardware, Dunn stated SEGA's development teams are "finding it to be quite powerful", with easily understood architecture allowing games and engines to be transferred across to Wii U quickly and easily. As if to reiterate the comments of SEGA West president Mike Hayes on Wii U, Dunn asserts that SEGA won't be making quick and dirty ports that don't take advantage of the new controller:

Clearly the new control mechanic allows some asymmetrical gameplay which we're quite excited about - to leverage that when we're looking to put any game on that system.

With SEGA investigating Aliens: Colonial Marines and high definition Sonic games both heading to Wii U, it looks like the company is ready to back the Wii successor with key titles, which is good news all around.