When SEGA does HD, it really goes all-out.

While SEGA won't be bringing Sonic Generations to Wii U — though the 20th anniversary hedgehog game is coming to 3DS — the blue-and-white company has confirmed its iconic hero will be racing to Wii U in high definition.

SEGA West president Mike Hayes revealed to Games Industry.biz that the publisher is looking at ways to transfer its HD offerings across to Nintendo's new home console.

That controller is absolutely brilliant and we have to think of innovative ways to use it. We're doing high definition Sonics, we're doing obviously Aliens: Colonial Marines, so you can bring them across, and that's relatively low cost, which is good news. Then you spend your money on how do you use that controller effectively to make it unique and differentiate it.

It's promising to see SEGA's plans to translate its 360 and PS3 offerings across to Wii U include investing in using the controller well, particularly as it seems the console itself is at least on a par with Microsoft's and Sony's current machines.

How would you bring Sonic to Wii U? Spreading a little wider, what other SEGA franchises would you like to see on the new console? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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