Gold Classic Controller Pro? Pah!

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is one of a handful of Wii MotionPlus-exclusive games for Wii, but series leader Eiji Aonuma revealed in a recent interview that it nearly panned out very differently.

Aonuma explained that after several years of development time with MotionPlus, he questioned whether the accessory was a good fit for the title, even spending a few months developing the title for just a standard Wii Remote. It took Wii Sports Resort director Katsuya Eguchi to bring Aonuma to his senses, saying:

Look at all these things you can do with Motion Plus, why wouldn't you use this in a Zelda game? It would be strange not to!

Aonuma clearly agrees, as the game is set to launch with an exclusive Gold Wii Remote Plus as part of the Zelda 25th anniversary celebrations. How different things could have been, though...