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With its upcoming WiiWare racer MotoHeroz set for release this summer, Finnish developer RedLynx touches on possible 3DS development and the likelihood of making more WiiWare games.

In an interview conducted by Wiiloveit, various RedLynx staff members spoke about the development of racing game / platformer MotoHeroz, but it was a matter of time before talk turned to Nintendo's latest handheld console. Creative director Antti Ilvessuo explained why the 3DS is something that appeals to the studio:

The 3DS is an exciting piece of technology, and Nintendo always takes great care to build hardware that helps showcase high quality games. So the 3DS could make a lot of sense for us, but we haven't announced anything like that.

Although MotoHeroz hasn't even launched yet, the studio is more than happy to develop for the WiiWare platform again. When asked about the possibility of future WiiWare projects, Ilvessuo replied:

We definitely love Wii and we're enjoying working with Nintendo, so yes it's quite possible. But let's see how well gamers like MotoHeroz first!

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