Every racer needs a wacky cast

In anticipation of MotoHeroz's June 2011 release on WiiWare, we've teamed up with Trials HD developer RedLynx to bring you a series of exclusive articles. Last week we brought you The World of MotoHeroz, and now it's time to meet its inhabitants.

The Characters of MotoHeroz

There are four characters in the story of MotoHeroz, and all four are competing in the Great World Race of Gema. These characters are Gene McQuick, a happy-go-lucky rookie; Hans Ohne, a grumpy mechanic; Peri Sprite, the nicest driver on the road, and Spider O'Rally, a devilish villain who will do anything to win.

Gene McQuick

Gene is the hero of the game, and your viewpoint character throughout the single player Story Adventure. He is quite confident, even though he is new to the Great World Race. His car of choice is the Herocart Mark I through most of single player, though has a chance to gain new wheels later in his journey.

Gene also has the unfortunate habit of talking to himself, saying such things as, "Gene's weirdo sense is tingling." He's also incredibly proud of his bright blue jumpsuit. Maybe a little too proud.

Hans Ohne

"Hey kid, can I lend you a hand?"

Hans Ohne is a gruff, experienced driver in the Great World Race. He is the first driver Gene encounters in the brief tutorial that starts off the game, and fittingly enough, he lends him a hand by teaching him the basics of how to drive and navigate through the world of MotoHeroz.

Yet beneath his gruff exterior, Hans is a kindly sort and believes in fair play. He's not going to let Gene win a race if he can help it, but he will always play fair.

Hans also enjoys a rich, nutritious breakfast of monkey eggs when he has the opportunity.

Peri Sprite

Peri Sprite is one of the top drivers in the Great World Race, but she has one serious drawback - she's too nice! If you've ever heard of Road Rage, she has the opposite - Street Sweets! Her idea of the best possible outcome in a race is a tie where everybody wins. Maybe that's why she is so nice to Gene, even though he is just a rookie.

Peri is also interested in the Ancestor Spirits that are gathered in the Story Adventure. MotoHeroz features more than 100 separate ancestors, who are gathered on the map and can be viewed in the Ancestor Gallery. These ancestors also make an appearance in 1000 Heroz, a separate iPhone game from RedLynx. Among the 1000 heroes you play in that game are the same Ancestor Spirits you collect in MotoHeroz.

Spider O'Rally

If Hans and Peri are friendly, then Spider O'Rally is the opposite. He's mean. He's also the five-time winner of the Great World Race of Gema, and plans on winning again this year. His mouth is tiny and twisted with hate, and he has the strange habit of referring to Gene as the Clownfish throughout the game, something neither of them understands.

He is the author of many nefarious schemes of perplexing villainy, such as moving the goal posts or creating elaborate traps for the other drivers.

He's also teaching a small orchestra of Littlefeet how to play the kazoo.

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