Power drive

MotoHeroz is a WiiWare game being created by Trials HD developer RedLynx, of Helsinki, Finland. We've teamed up with the Finnish developer to bring you a series of exclusive articles, starting with The World of MotoHeroz and The Characters of MotoHeroz.

The Power-Ups of MotoHeroz

What's a fun arcade racing game without power-ups? That's like a car without wheels. Of course, you can rest assured that in the weird, wacky world of MotoHeroz, there are power-ups a plenty to give you a wheel up on the competition.

With that in mind, here is a look at many of the items, collectibles, and other goodies you will find in MotoHeroz. That's not to say there won't be a few secrets or more surprises along the way!

Sticky Wheels


What's the best way to drive yourself out of a sticky situation? With the patented Sticky Wheels power-up, of course. Activate this item and your buggy can stick to any slope, even drive upside down!

Ghost Essence


The world of MotoHeroz is haunted…haunted with ghost racers! This special power-up gives you that ghostly feeling, turning your buggy briefly insubstantial, allowing you to drive right through your slower, less competent opponents.

Spring Jump


Celebrate the end of winter with the beginning of spring! When you get one of these items attached to your buggy, activate it at the moment of your choosing and your ride will spring forward and skyward. Handy for bypassing obstacles and slower drivers.

Nitro Burst


Do you feel a need for some speed? Most cars can use a little extra push now and then, which is probably why this handy Nitro Burst power-up was invented. Activate this power-up and guess what - your buggy will zoom forward like a rocket!

Jet Pack


Some people like to drive. Some people like to fly. Some people like to drive and fly at the same time! Now you might call those people crazy, claiming hey, cars can't fly! But you'd be wrong. They are probably using this handy Jet Pack item.

The Parachute


One minute you're plunging through the sky at the speed of sound, terror in the back of your throat. The next minute, you activate this item, and the soft, silky strands of the Parachute will unfurl, guiding you to a gentle, and safe, landing.

Homing Beetle


Is somebody bothering you? Let loose with the Homing Beetle and this beastly bug will pick them up by the scruff of their buggy and fling them away! Don't worry, they won't put your opponents completely out of the race. They will always have a chance to come back and return the favor.

Heroz Coins


If only earning money was easy as walking along the road and picking up bright, shiny golden coins. Fortunately in the world of Gema, it is that easy! Although, you do have to drive. Gather enough coins during the Story Adventure portion of MotoHeroz, and then spend the coins in the garage to unlock new car models! And don't worry about paying high gas prices, either.

Ancestor Spirits


There are more than one hundred Ancestor Spirits hidden throughout the tracks of MotoHeroz. Each ghostly orb contains the spirit of a long-deceased predecessor, whose wisdom will guide you on your journey. You can view each Spirit and their life story in the Ancestor Gallery.

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