They look like an angry bunch

With the recent blunder n-Space might or might not have made, it now seems that gaming magazine Nintendo Power was supposed to reveal to the world the first chunk of game details regarding Heroes of Ruin on the 3DS, which it still is, but perhaps the artwork was supposed to debut in print and not on a Facebook page.

As detailed in an entry at the Handheld Gaming Blog (and reported by GoNintendo), the latest issue of Nintendo Power reveals several pieces of information on what gamers can expect from Heroes of Ruin. As suggested by the artwork, Heroes of Ruin is a four-player game and the main characters depicted are all mercenaries. Class abilities, weapons and armour can be customised by gaining items from completing parts of the game.

Much like n-Space's past handheld releases, the game will support online multiplayer action in the form of drop in / drop out cooperative gameplay and voice chat ― something that isn't commonly found on the 3DS.

SpotPass will also be used to provide downloadable content, such as daily challenges.