What do you think?

This week the E3 2011 Rumour-o-Matic has suddenly spluttered into life: powered by an endless crew of anonymous sources, the rumours claim Wii 2 will contain a Blu-ray drive and screen-toting controller, as well as repeating the oft-heard statement that Nintendo is looking to "recapture the hardcore gamers and third-party developers" with this new console.

Of course, the rumours of a Wii HD have been floating around for years — here's Reggie's response from 2009 — but is this a case of 'no smoke without fire' or just a testament to the ever-persistent Internet Rumour Squad?

Whichever it is, the big question is this really: are these rumours in-line with what you would actually want in a new Nintendo home console? Here's a few ideas from the Nintendo Life office:

  • 1080p output — When Wii launched in 2006, HDTVs weren't as prevalent as they are now, so HD output really is a must for a Wii successor. Throw in upscaling for Wii games too, just for fun.
  • Improved downloadable offerings — For all the griping about the Wii Shop Channel, it's brought countless hours of cheap entertainment to gamers since it launched, and it's something we'd love to see Nintendo build on in future with more formats — hello, Dreamcast — and a far bigger file size limit for independent companies.
  • Hard drive — Where else are we going to store all those Dreamcast games than on a meaty hard drive? With current generation consoles rocking as much as 320GB out of the box, the Wii's measly in-built 512MB just doesn't cut it.

Of course these are just a few ideas, but we really want to hear your thoughts. If you left Nintendo after the GameCube, what new features would tempt you back? How could Nintendo follow the Wii's 80m worldwide sales? Join the discussion below.