Pretty, but not real

Last week, analyst Piers Harding-Rolls suggested a Wii 1.5 was on the way in 2012, but a new rumour points to a revamped machine on the way before 2011 is out.

According to Girl Gamers Suck, an anonymous "bashful but reliable source" inside Nintendo – get that salt ready – has confirmed the machine will launch next year, with a Blu-ray drive for greater game storage and anti-piracy measures. Previous rumours that the machine would also feature 1080p output and a trade-in offer for existing Wii owners are neither confirmed nor denied: only the Blu-ray drive is claimed to be confirmed.

Of course, Nintendo putting in a Blu-ray drive without the ability to output at 1080p would make no sense, but then this isn't the most believable rumour out there. The secondary objective of reducing piracy this late in the Wii's lifespan is surely a case of closing the stable door long after the horse has bolted, but as we said this is a rumour until publicly confirmed by a Nintendo representative, which could take a long time.