Thanks for clearing that up, Reggie.

Another week, more HD Wii confusion. Last week's Nintendo investors meeting is proving to be a goldmine of quotes and teases, following the cats and WiiWare demo service, and now further translation has revealed an interesting little titbit about the possibility of an upcoming HD-enabled Wii.

Nintendo's research and development manager Genyo Takeda confirmed that they were looking into different possibilities, including HD as well as SD, but that nothing concrete could be confirmed as yet, although "things are heading in an HD direction".

"Since an increasing number of the TV sets at home around the world are becoming HD today, it will be natural for a machine to be able to generate graphics that people will be accustomed to see on HD televisions," Takeda said. "Since the ordinary TV programs are now shifting to HD, moving to HD appears to me a natural flow."

Right, so that's nicely cut-and-dry - the heads of Nintendo Japan are saying that HD is a natural evolution and they're looking into incorporating it into future machines. But wait - a challenger appears! Speaking on GTTV, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said “Michael Pachter continues to be the only one that believes this [Wii HD] is going to happen. I don’t know how forcefully we can say that there is no Wii HD.”

You might need to be a bit more forceful when the heads of Nintendo are saying "it's happening".

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