We all know there's hardly any simulation games about pottery, so it's about time someone did something about it, right? Right?

Well, Infinite Dreams actually did do something to address that lacking genre last year when it released Let's Create! Pottery on the Apple App Store, and a recent Entertainment Software Rating Board classification has revealed that a DSiWare version is taking shape. Taken from the ESRB summary, the game is described as:

This is a simulation game in which players can create virtual clay pots. Players use on-screen gestures to transform lumps of clay that spin on a wheel; players can also customize their pottery with unique patterns and colors.

In the original for iOS devices, gamers are tasked with creating ceramic designs by utilising dozens of materials in order to customise their work of art. Will this be the first in a series of Let's Create! games to appear at the DSi Shop?

[via esrb.org]