She bought hers with Pilotwings Resort, she told us

After a dominating start, sales of the 3DS in Japan have slowly been on the decrease and more recently, have been overtaken by the PlayStation Portable in the hardware sales chart. Now, it seems the 3DS is regaining momentum as the sales figures from last week are revealed.

For the period starting 11th and ending 17th April, Nintendo sold 28,252 3DS consoles and ranked first in the chart, besting the PSP which came second with 23,846 units. Both handhelds saw a drop in sales compared to the previous week where the PSP outsold the 3DS with 35,478 and 32,910 consoles sold, respectively.

Two new 3DS games were launched at the beginning of last week which may have played some part in the 3DS's return to the top spot. Nintendo's Pilotwings Resort entered the software chart at #6 by selling 26,554 copies, whereas Konami's Professional Baseball Spirits 2011 just managed to secure a place inside the top ten by shifting 11,644 copies and placing #9. The only other game on a Nintendo platform was the DS role-playing game Professional 2 Dragon Quest Monsters Joker from Square Enix which sold 291,769 copies at #3 and has selling consistently well since its release late March.

Considering there's four PSP titles in the top ten, three of which are new releases, and three PlayStation 3 titles taking up the remaining slots; the 3DS and its games haven't been doing too badly, but they can certainly do a lot better.

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