Fans of the old handheld games like the ones in the Game & Watch series are in for a treat when they find that several in said series ― as well as others not related to Nintendo ― have been "digitised" and put on the Internet for all to enjoy.

Games like Donkey Kong Jr., Mickey & Donald, Merry Cook (also known as Chef), and Space Bridge are just a few examples of the seventeen that have been put up on the Pica Pic website. Although controls have already been mapped to the keyboard, players can customise their preferred layout. High score tables have also been included where players' top scores from the past week or month can be viewed, as well as an all time leaderboard.

So if you want to relive those Game & Watch days, or reacquaint yourself with games like Bartman: Avenger of Evil, or The Terminator, head over to the Pica Pic site now. With more games to be added, one of which being the Game & Watch Zelda game, retro fans will do well to bookmark this website and bring it back up whenever they are in need of a time-killer. That is, until Nintendo dispatches its legal team.