If you love Shining Force like we do, get involved

Thanks to the wonders of the Virtual Console, many Nintendo gamers have been introduced to the wonders of Sega's Shining Force and Shining Force II games, but sadly the series hit hard times during the Sega Saturn days, causing developer Camelot to part ways with Sega, and the series has never recovered. Several campaigns to reunite the two companies have fallen on stony ground, but the Shining Force community has lined up one last roll of the dice in the form of the Shining Force SOS campaign.

Shining Force community linchpin Moogie, also known as the "Goddess of all Things Shining", is calling for fans of the series to submit videos, letters and artwork showing their love for Sega's RPG outings, with the hope of convincing Camelot there's enough fan support to make a new Shining Force a viable proposition.

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Our 10 Sega Games We Want on 3DS made the case for a new Force game on 3DS, and Moogie is optimistic that fan support could make this a reality:

Sega can't listen to our requests and ideas for legal reasons, but perhaps if Camelot were to approach them, Sega would listen. I understand that Sega did try to get Camelot back on board years ago, but failed. Maybe all Camelot need is a show of love from we Shining series fans.

Fans who submit a letter or video are also entered into a prize draw, with the top prize of a limited edition Shining/Sega collectible worth around $200, a Yogurt plush toy and Shining games as well.

If you want to get involved, you have until 20th March to send a letter or 29th March to submit a video. For more information, visit the Shining Force SOS site.

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