The jury's out

Way back when Nintendo was putting the finishing touches to Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on GameCube, there were plans for a limited edition controller to accompany the little box's swansong. While the pad never hit the shelves, photos of its prototype design and packaging have hit the net for your eyes to behold.

Coming from custom controller specialists Nubytech – the same team behind the infamous Resident Evil 4 chainsaw controller – the pad was clearly modelled after Link's Twilight Princess togs, complete with a shield and, bizarrely, leather belt buckle on the right-hand grip. The pad's packaging, however, is a thing of undeniable beauty, modelled after an aged hardback book, albeit one with a huge GameCube logo on the front.

The gallery of photos over at shows what could have been if the controller had gone into production. But the real question is: would you have played Zelda using a pad with an actual belt buckle on it?