We now know the North American 3DS launch games and the European 3DS launch games, leaving just Australia of the major English-speaking territories to receive its launch games.

Nintendo has announced its own titles that'll be available with the machine on 31st March, and it's a disappointing sight – European and North American launch game Pilotwings Resort and North American launch submarine outing Steel Diver are both absent, leaving Nintendogs + Cats and Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition as the two Nintendo titles at launch. It's worth remembering Nintendo of Australia has stated the release dates for Pilotwings and Steel Diver will be “confirmed at a later date”, meaning they may well squeeze into the launch window after all.

There is some good news though – Nintendo has confirmed the recommended retail price of 3DS software will stand at $69.95 AUS, the same price as regular DS software.

Third party software is yet to be officially announced, but many retailers are pegging a similar line-up to Europe, which goes like this:

Our huge Nintendo Life 3DS FAQ is being constantly updated with all the information we have about the 3DS launch, so check back regularly as we get more information.

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