You know when Level 5 is involved you're going to get some high quality animation, but this animated trailer for the upcoming Professor Layton & Phoenix Wright crossover for 3DS is possibly the studio's best work yet. Why? Because it features more top hats, finger-pointing and Objection!-shouting than anything we've ever seen.

Although it's all in Japanese, one blog has provided a translation. Bear in mind this is a fan translation, not an official one, so obviously details are subject to change.

Layton: “The culprit behind the witchcraft that put the city in chaos…You are the very one!”

Girl: “You’re wrong. I am not a witch.”

Layton: “Then how did you know the contents of the book you could not have possibly read?”

Phoenix: “OBJECTION! Professor, there is a glaring contradiction in your testimony.”

Luke: “What’s written in the book becomes reality.”

Maya: “What? That’s impossible!”

Girl: “I will probably be killed soon, it’s been written in the book.”

Phoenix: “We won’t let that happen.”

Layton: “Mr. Wright, I believe we both have made a grave error…”

Layton: “Now Luke, what a guardian of the law says is not necessarily the truth.”

Phoenix: “To be honest, I don’t like that sir Silk Hat much at all…”