Valtonen could probably use a Wii Remote as a baton

If you've not got any plans this Thursday night, then be sure to tune into a live stream of Symphonic Legends' orchestral renditions of classic video games. Produced by Thomas Boecker with Jonne Valtonen taking lead composer duties, the WDR Radio Orchestra will be performing at the Cologne Philharmonic Hall on the 23rd September so even if you don't have tickets, you'll still be able to enjoy it.

A live audio stream will be available on WDR4 WEB Radio, as well as video streams in a selection of bandwidth speeds. The concert starts at 8:00pm (UTC/GMT +2) and will celebrate the audio design of iconic Nintendo games like Super Metroid, F-Zero, and Super Mario Galaxy. The latter part of the evening will consist of a 35 minute "symphonic poem" that draws from The Legend of Zelda series.

You'll feel like you're actually there as Symphonic Legends will be broadcast live in 5.1 surround sound; making it the first video game concert to do so. It's not determined whether the evening's performance will see a release on CD or DVD yet, but Boecker wants it to be recorded in one way or another so that it is made permanently available for all to enjoy. Past concerts have seen CD releases so an eventual Symphonic Legends CD isn't unlikely.

1) Fanfare for the Common 8-bit Hero
Composed by Jonne Valtonen

2) Lylat Wars and Starwing (Space Suite)
Composed by Koji Kondo and Hajime Hirasawa
Arranged by Shiro Hamaguchi

3) Super Mario Bros. (Retro Suite)
Composed by Koji Kondo
Arranged by Roger Wanamo

4) F-Zero (Race Suite)
Composed by Yumiko Kanki and Naoto Ishida
Arranged by Shiro Hamaguchi

5) Metroid (Suite: Samus Aran - Galactic Warrior)
Composed by Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano
Arranged by Torsten Rasch

6) Donkey Kong Country (Aquatic Ambiance)
Composed by David Wise
Arranged by Masashi Hamauzu

7) Pikmin (Variation on a World Map Theme)
Composed by Hajime Wakai
Arranged by Hayato Matsuo

8) Super Mario Galaxy (Galactic Suite)
Composed by Koji Hondo and Mahito Yokota
Arranged by Roger Wanamo


9) The Legend of Zelda - Symphonic Poem
Composed by Koji Kondo and Toru Minegishi
Arranged by Jonne Valtonen

I - Hyrulian Child
II - Dark Lord
III - Princess of Destiny
IV - Battlefield
V - Hero of Time

For more information, be sure to read Square Enix Music's interview with Thomas Boecker to get an idea of what you can expect from this classy evening.