Back in 1980s Japan, Nintendo's Famicom was doing the business, but the company wanted to get more gamers to experience what it could offer. The answer was the FamicomBox, a machine used by retailers to allow customers to try out a selection of Famicom games, with some models even featuring a coin slot to allow gamers to pay and play. Never released outside of Japan, a FamicomBox has just surfaced on eBay, starting at a sweet $699.

Before you get your wallets out, bear in mind this is a relisting of an item that received a best offer of nearly $2,000 and went unsold, so it's going to take some major pocket change to bring this one home, particularly with shipping from Japan starting at a cool $125.

Whether you intend to buy or not, it's another fascinating piece of Nintendo history that you can learn more about at Famicom World.