Monster Hunter 3 (~Tri) is still receiving a lot of love online and offline, but many hardcore hunters long for a way to take a piece of their favourite series on the go without having to bother with UMDs and the like. Now fearless hunters can accompany even their most mundane daily ritual with the game's rousing orchestral score, as Sumthing Else Music Works Inc. has released the soundtrack online and in store.

Made up of 52 orchestral tracks performed by the FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague and taking in everything from menu music to the sound of failure, it's available in two flavours: a retail version available at various stores and through Amazon and a download version through iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Sumthing Digital. From $9.99 to download or $15.98 plus shipping at Amazon, it's a steal whichever way you carve it.

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