It makes more sense in motion

WiiWare fans already know to associate the Gaijin Games name with a series of top drawer titles, all with unique retro stylings and a heavy emphasis on music. Now the developer has turned publisher, having picked up A Different Cloth's iPhone title Lilt Line for a transition to the big screen.

We recently sat down with an early WiiWare build courtesy of the Gaijin Games team, and we're happy to report it's made the jump from iPhone to Wii Remote very smoothly indeed. A combination between a racing game and a steady hands exercise, you pilot a line of light through a course, tapping any button when you cross a target that coincides with the beat of the music. To manoeuvre the line you simply rotate the Wii Remote, with smooth steering and tight turns all detected with excellent precision.

Rather than a race to the finish, Lilt Line is a score attack game: you begin with a set number of points, and lose some when you collide with the surrounding wall, miss a beat or press a button out of turn. The level's over when you reach the finish or your points total reaches zero, with your score logged ready to be beaten again.

At first the game eases you in gently as you get used to its stripped-down aesthetic style and dubstep audio accompaniment, but within the first few levels the difficulty ramps up sharply as you learn to master steering and hitting marks simultaneously. Zig-zag sections, tightly-packed beats and courses narrowing to a slim tunnel are all hazards to be overcome, and the score attack focus looks like it should be enough to keep the challenge addictive rather than frustrating.

There's currently no official word on when Lilt Line will be available to download through the Wii Shop Channel, but as soon as it's announced we'll let you know.