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1 (Single Player)
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  • US 13th Dec 2010, 500 points
  • EU 11th Mar 2011, 500 points
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  • Review lilt line (WiiWare)

    Meet Commander Video's less-confident little brother

    There's a reason Gaijin Games, as young as it is as a developer, already has a strong and devoted following, having taken addictively throbbing beats and married them to some of the most intense gameplay we've ever seen. It takes periodic trips to a sunnier, much simpler era of gaming, and...

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lilt line News

  • News Lilt Line Developer Seeks Crowdfunding for Sequel and Includes a Wii U Stretch Goal

    Gaijin Games published the original, from different cloth, on WiiWare

    WiiWare enthusiasts among you may remember Lilt Line, the WiiWare title developed by different cloth and published by Gaijin Games, the latter being particularly well-known for its BIT.TRIP series. The concept was simple, as you guided a line down increasingly tricky tracks while...

  • Nintendo Download 11th March 2011 (Europe)

    Here comes the Lilt man... LILT!

    It's Friday again, and as usual there is a veritable smorgasborg of downloadable goodies for you to consider including Gaijin Games' lilt line on WiiWare. There are no Virtual Console games this week, but you can look forward to Final Fantasy III next week. Oh yus! WiiWare: lilt line (Gaijin Games, 500pts) —...

  • Podcast NLFM Episode 11: A Holiday Season in FLUX

    Take a sneak peek at the final BIT.TRIP, sigh at simians, sneak along with a secret agent and get into the spirit of the season

    We look to the future here at Nintendo Life. Why, take this episode of NLFM, the little ol' chip and game music podcast we've got going: it's got an exclusive first listen of the soundtrack to Gaijin Games' upcoming...

  • Nintendo Download 13th December 2010 (North America)

    lilting, shooting, Riding and more

    There's a definite musical theme to this week's downloads, with a dubstep racer/puzzler, DSiWare singing, another portable music studio and a violin game (yes, really), as well as plenty of other non-melodic goodies. WiiWare: lilt line (Gaijin Games, 500pts) – It's that rarest of occurrences: an iPhone-to-WiiWare...

  • News lilt line Dubsteps to WiiWare on December 13th

    Lower case title important

    Gaijin Games' lilt line is almost ready for a WiiWare release, with the company just having announced a date of December 13th for the unique musical experience. Your mission is to guide a line of light through a series of tunnels to a catchy dubstep soundtrack, but only those with superb Wii Remote skills and excellent...

  • News Step to the Beat of the Lilt Line Website

    First trailer available

    Our recent Lilt Line First Impressions placed the game on many readers' radars, but words cannot do justice to the game's soundtrack or devious design. Thankfully Gaijin Games has obliged by launching the official Lilt Line WiiWare site containing the first trailer of the forthcoming release, hopefully filling in some of...

  • First Impressions Lilt Line

    Gaijin gets ready to beat us up again

    WiiWare fans already know to associate the Gaijin Games name with a series of top drawer titles, all with unique retro stylings and a heavy emphasis on music. Now the developer has turned publisher, having picked up A Different Cloth's iPhone title Lilt Line for a transition to the big screen. We recently sat...

  • News Lilt Line Zipping to WiiWare

    Gaijin Games enters the publishing fray

    Gaijin Games has the whole retro-abstract aesthetic on WiiWare locked down with their BIT.TRIP series (although maybe not so abstract anymore), and now they're further tightening their vice-like grip on it by stepping into the publishing game with an iPhone-to-WiiWare conversion of developer Different Cloth's...

About The Game

lilt line will confound your senses and rock your soul.

Stay on the track as you tap to the beat of the filthy soundtrack by dubstep superstars, 16bit. It’s a race to the finish line that has to be experienced to be believed.

  • 15 levels of intense musical racing.
  • Wii Remote motion controls.
  • Award winning audio.

Sometimes a really good video game is just awesome.