Billed as "Heavy Rain 2D"

If you're a gamer who baulks at the mere mention of "episodic", here comes a promising DSiWare project that may convince you to look past that off-putting adjective.

Blackwire is a mix of adventure, puzzle and mystery, set during the 1950s in the midst of the space race and Western fears of the spread of Communism. Promising a gameplay system that causes the player to question his or her decisions with no clearly defined right or wrong answers, this is an ambitious project that will no doubt stand out for its stark black-and-white style with occasional splashes of high-impact colour.

Developer Uacari is proud of its inspirations: TV series 24, action film Vantage Point and Quantic Dream's seminal PS3 game Heavy Rain. If Blackwire can match any of these for quality, it should be a diamond in the DSiWare's crown.