So you say you want to listen to the amazing musical tracks from the BIT.TRIP RUNNER release but don't know where to turn? Well the nice guys over at Gaijin Games have just announced that the game's soundtrack can now be yours for a mere $5.99.

Check out the official press release below for all of the information you need to get those wonderful BIT.TRIP chip tunes flowing through that thick skull of yours.

Gaijin Games is excited to announce that the bitchin' BIT.TRIP RUNNER soundtrack is now available for purchase via CDBaby!

It will soon be available at other delightful distributors of digital ditties as well!

Are we totally insane!? This soundtrack is only $5.99, just like the other BIT.TRIP soundtracks! But wait, you say! Wait just a minute, Alex Neuse. There are 3 more tracks on this soundtrack. How can this be possible!?

It's possible because Gaijin Games is all about flinging awesomeness all over the freaking world!

So, yeah, go get your jammy on with CommanderVideo before you fall behind and lose this race! RUN! Don't walk. Soon, people will be listening to BIT.TRIP #5 (what's that game called again?), and BIT.TRIP RUNNER will be what all the cool kids reminisce about while you stand around like a doofus not being in on the joke.

No one wants that to happen to you, so get over to CDBaby and plunk down some digital casharoonies!

We'll keep you posted on any new information regarding the upcoming fifth release in the BIT.TRIP series and we'll have a full review of it shortly after its release.