It's in your best interests to keep this guy as far away from you as possible

Just three games for Japan this month, which is pretty much to be expected by now. One of them is a Nintendo 64 game everybody else has already gotten, while the other two games are both great, but Japan-exclusive. The only way we'll be seeing either of them is through import releases!

The full, short list for Japan next month is as follows:

Super Famicom:

  • Clock Tower (August 3rd) The first in the moderately popular survival horror series, and arguably the best, you have to try and make it out of a mansion alive while a 9-year old monster with a giant pair of scissors chases you. Sunsoft is handling publishing duties, which could mean they own Human Entertainment's entire library of games.

Nintendo 64:

  • Mario Tennis - One of the first times Japan plays catchup with an N64 game, and probably one of the last as well!

Neo Geo:

  • Miracle Adventure (August 3rd) An amusing action platformer by Data East called Spinmaster elsewhere, and another possible candidate for western release, if D4 Enterprise ever gets around to all the games they could be releasing elsewhere!

That's all! Would you like to see Clock Tower or SpinMaster elsewhere?