There's something familiar about all this...

Gamers have already had a taste of a Grand Theft Auto-style adventure game on DSiWare in the form of Car Jack Streets, and now it's time for its bigger brother to get a piece of the criminal pie as Vblank Entertainment has the release of its upcoming Retro City Rampage on WiiWare in sight.

Set in an open world, Retro City Rampage is billed as an "action parody" that started out as an 8-bit delinquent called Retro Theftendo which was submitted to the Independent Games Festival in 2009. Wth jobs that need taking and money that needs making, the game will need something that sets it apart from the already more-established titles that are available if it's going to make any sort of impact when it launches. Hopefully, this new incarnation will retain the subtle humour that's evident from artwork from the original game.

Featuring over 30 different types of vehicles, players will have the opportunity to help themselves to whatever car they want as they experience an onslaught of non-stop action. It's not just on the roads that you'll be a menace on as innocent pedestrians will be subject to your unprovoked muggings should you want some extra change. American gamers will be able to take on the role as public enemy #1 later this Fall.

Retro Theftendo screenshot - every criminal needs a shotgun

More information on Retro City Rampage can be found on the game's website and in the next issue of Nintendo Power. Just don't let the 5-0 know that you know.