Subtle changes can make the biggest difference

Now we know what's to come on Nintendo's upcoming new handheld, the big question gamers want answered is when it will be out. Following last week's report that the 3DS should be released by the end of the fiscal year, Reggie Fils-Aime has spoken to IndustryGamers and confirmed the scheduled launch period and the possibility of the final look being different to what was shown at E3.

The President at Nintendo of America revealed that representatives were seeking feedback from the attendees in an effort to gain impressions on the overall design of the system. When reactions to the button placement, depth slider, and the thumb pad are collected, the final design of the 3DS can then be determined.

He then goes on to elaborate on the expected launch of the handheld:

Well, the reason we haven’t announced a launch date or pricing is that, first, we wanted to get reaction here. Secondly, we’ll be making individual market decisions in terms of what’s happening in Japan, what’s happening in the Americas, what’s happening in Europe. The one thing, for sure, is that we will launch in all of our major markets by March 31, 2011.

It still boggles the mind that the 3DS is scheduled for launch so soon. If any tweaking is to be done, they'd best make a start now as they don't want any supply shortages come release day. The full interview will soon be published on IndustryGamers.