Pick a date, any date

We were all expecting to find out solid release dates and pricing for Nintendo's next generation handheld, but its press conference made no mention of when we'll be able to get our hands on the 3DS. Eminent European site Eurogamer, however, has received word from one source that the console is pencilled in for a launch around Christmas 2010, but it may slip to early 2011.

There was no word on pricing and a Nintendo representative at E3 has confirmed the company has no announcement to make on a release date or cost.

The embedded video on the Eurogamer page features technical expert Richard Leadbetter of the site's Digital Foundry section taking viewers through a tour of the console. When discussing the screen he refers to the top screen as "a 16:9 widescreen auto-stereoscopic screen, and this is where you get your 3D", seemingly confirming that only the top display will offer 3D with the touchscreen – marginally bigger than the DSi's, by the way – remaining as a flat 2D display.

Head over to the Eurogamer 3DS walkthrough and have a butchers at the machine in the flesh, and check out this interview with EA's Ryan Stradler about the potential of the machine's online functions.

[source eurogamer.net]