Perfect control on Android at last!

Last week we reported that developer Ryan Frawley had released a "proof of concept" demo which allowed Android phone users to interact with a Nintendo Wii Remote.

There's barely been enough time to get fully excited about this tantalising prospect because Frawley has launched the real deal in the shape of the brilliant Wii Controller IME application.

Available now on the Android Market for $3.99, the app allows you to connect up to four Wii Remotes via a Bluetooth connection and then use them to interact with the Android phone.

The controls on the pad are mapped as keys on the Android phone's virtual (or physical) keyboard, which means you can use the Wii Remote for anything which accepts keyboard commands - and for us dedicated retro enthusiasts, that means emulators.

We've created a short video which shows the app in action, working alongside a wide range of brilliant Android-based retro emulators such as Gensoid, Nesoid, SNesoid and Game Boid.

Frawley has already updated the app a couple of times to make it more stable and user-friendly (and will no doubt update it again when he notices a minor spelling error in one of the main menus - see if you can spot it in the video) and he has already confirmed that Classic Controller support is on its way. This is great news because at the moment the app struggles with SNES emulators due to the fact that there simply aren't enough buttons on the Wii Remote.

If you have an Android phone then this really is a must-have download. If you don't believe us, feast your eyes on the video evidence below.