When done right, episodic adventure games on Wii can be fantastic: brimming with intrigue, plot twists and great characterisation, they're up there with the Wii's best. Nobody knows this more than Telltale Games, responsible for bringing us the Tales of Monkey Island games as well as the not-quite-so-good Strong Bad games.

Now Telltale's trying something even more radical by their standards, introducing a series of "pilot" games that will function just like pilot television shows: self-contained ideas that, if popular enough, can be expanded into a full series. The pilot scheme's pilot is Puzzle Agent, a cross between Telltale's usual point-and-click input and the self-contained puzzles of the Professor Layton series.

You play the Agent in question who travels to a quaint, snow-covered town called Scoggins, Minnesota, to attempt to solve the town's mystery only known to its inhabitants. The game's site promises more information will be made available today, so keep your eyes peeled to uncover more of the mystery.

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