Ambient occlusion and specular masking. Of course.

Anticipation around these parts for Shin'en Multimedia's WiiWare platformer Jett Rocket is pretty high at the moment, with everything released on it so far pointing to a quality platforming title on the way. How did they make it so shiny, though? The official behind the scenes blog should answer those questions.

Just opening today with a piece on character creation, the blog will be a three part series focusing on different aspects of the game's creation. In this instalment, character concept art and modelling abounds, with a wealth of interesting statistics: Jett Rocket himself is made up of 32 bones and takes up just 400kb of memory. Here's a rather hypnotic video of Mr Rocket in all his 3D glory:

Hopefully Jett Rocket and his shiny, shiny shoes will be touching down on WiiWare in the very near future.