This game is quite good

That didn't take long: Super Mario Galaxy 2 producer Yoshiaki Koizumi was interviewed by Famitsu Magazine about his feelings towards the newly-released sequel and its production.

Covering everything from the game's conception as Super Mario Galaxy 1.5 to their awareness of not alienating Mario veterans, it's an interesting insight into the consideration for players that typifies Nintendo's output. One of the few criticisms levelled at the original was that it was a bit too easy, but Mr Koizumi says he believes the game is "about 20% more challenging" than its predecessor, a baffling but all the same enjoyable statistic. You can read more of the interview over at and well worth a look it is too.

The second part of behind the scenes Galaxy goodness comes in the form of a new Iwata Asks involving the Galaxy 2 soundteam. With the original having such a well-received soundtrack, the pressure was on to deliver a fitting follow-up, but it's probably fair to say the second game's soundtrack has more than met gamers' expectations. Although not fully translated into English, it's worth a look for a short video of the live orchestral recording in which a trumpeter attempts a classic Mario tune and the whole orchestra recites the theme, accessed by clicking the large grey button at the bottom of this page.

Sadly there's no word on whether territories outside of Japan will receive the game's soundtrack CD, but we'll share the news if and when it arrives.