Prepare to duke it out!

Ghostfire Games has just announced that their WiiWare fighting release Rage of the Gladiator will be coming to the European WiiWare service this Friday.

To further sweeten things up a bit, they're even going to be giving away a free copy of the game to one lucky European gamer each and every day to celebrate the release. You can check out the official statement below for more details and don't forget to check out our review of the game if you need any further convincing.

“Rage of the Gladiator” for WiiWare is coming out this Friday April 16th in Europe! The developer (Ghostfire Games) is giving away a free copy of the game each day through a Twitter contest for Europe that begins this Friday.

To enter the contest, add them on Twitter (@GhostfireGames) and send the following message on Twitter:

#rageofthegladiator is available on WiiWare! I want Rage of the Gladiator! RT+Follow for chance to WIN @GhostfireGames

Each day, Ghostfire Games will select one winner at random and award them a free copy of Rage of the Gladiator.

When a winner is selected, they will receive a direct message on twitter asking for their Wii friend code so a copy of the game can be gifted over.

Copies of the game will be given out once a week, on Friday for each winner so far.

To receive your prize, add our Wii friend code to your Wii system: 2504 6373 3781 6639

You can re-enter this contest every day! If you don’t win, then try again the next day!

This contest will be running from April 16th through 30th.