Tales of the Reaper

Luc Bernard, designer of Mecho Wars and Eternity's Child, has revealed to Nintendo Life that his latest project, iPhone title SteamPirates, is finishing up this week and it's therefore time to start talking about other things. One of these "other things" is a project codenamed Reaper, a home console game he believes will be too big for a download service.

Though not ready to reveal any gameplay or story details until the first proper screenshots are ready (the ones shown here are concept art), Luc told Nintendo Life that it's going to be an "epic action/platforming sidescroller with 4 player multiplayer" and "maybe [his] first 2D AAA title with an experienced team in every category."

Sean Beeson, who composed the score for Eternity's Child, will be returning for Reaper and will be joined by a bevy of music industry producers and songwriters. Below is an exclusive sample track from the upcoming game.

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Mr Bernard also noted that a game we haven't heard mention of since 2008, Imagination is the Only Escape, an adventure game set during the holocaust, is planned for a 2011 release and was waiting for the right team to come together.

We'll be bringing you more news on Luc's newest creations as it becomes available.