Online strategy action!

Our good friend Luc Bernard has just sent over word that he's trying to get an online multiplayer mode added in to the upcoming WiiWare version of Mecho Wars. Of course this good news comes with a catch. The game might end up being delayed a bit in order to implement this feature.

He also mentioned that the WiiWare version will feature a fully-remixed soundtrack that will even include a few of Sean Beeson's Eternity's Child tunes. And for anyone that hasn't checked out Sean Beeson's musical compositions, you don't know what you're missing.

We'll keep you up-to-date on the WiiWare version of Mecho Wars and we'll have a full review when the game hits the WiiWare service. Here's hoping it's sooner rather than later. If you've got an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can download Mecho Wars and see for yourself what the fuss is about.