Josh by day, Shadow by night

For a sequel that hasn't been officially announced yet, DJ Shadow sure has no issues talking about DJ Hero 2, effectively beating Activision to the punch. In a recent interview with Zane Lowe, DJ Shadow talks about the appearance of his in-game avatar, and the work going into producing content for the game.

Having produced tracks for the first game in the series and made an appearance as an in-game playable character, DJ Shadow talks about the reasoning behind his avatar's unique presentation and offers this explanation:

With a lot of this computer-generated stuff, as soon as people see your eyes, that's where it feels weird. So I said "just take out my eyes, just have them be clear", that helps a lot because then people aren't looking into this synthetic person.

When asked what he thought of the whole DJ Hero experience, Shadow replies with:

It was interesting, it was a... I'm actually working on the next one as well. But yeah, it was a trip. I mean, I never thought I'd be in a game, let alone, you know, doing what I was doing on the back-end to put the mixes together. So, it was interesting, it was fun.

So there you have it, we can expect to see more mash-ups and remixes from the 'king of samples' when DJ Hero 2 finally drops. If you're still unsure whether DJ Hero is a game for you or not, be sure to check back with us when we update the site with a review of it very soon.