Sorry, yours won't be signed by Charles Martinet.

It's been a long time since we first got our hands on a black Wii here at Nintendo Life's European office, but our dear North American cousins are still waiting for the chance to mucky these onyx beauties. According to a new rumour, the wait may soon be over.

Allegedly due to arrive in May 9th in the US and two weeks later over the border in Canada, it's set to mirror the black package available in Europe with a copy of Wii Sports Resort and MotionPlus included. How much will this blissful boxset cost you? Why, apparently only USD$199.99, if these rumours are to be believed. And hey, isn't that what rumours are all about?

As soon as the official Nintendo press releases plops into our inboxes we'll be sure to let you know the skinny. Until then, imagine your white Wii is a black one by playing with all the lights off tonight.