The free figure in all its glory.

If, like us, you're busy counting down the days and stitching up your armour in anticipation of the upcoming Monster Hunter 3 (~Tri), you’ll probably be interested in the announcement of a European preorder incentive in the form of a Rathalos head figurine.

Not only that, the final piece of the European-exclusive limited edition pack is revealed as a figurine of Lagiacrus, the water-dwelling monster that features very heavily in MH3’s marketing so far. With a Classic Controller Pro, Wii Speak, Lagiacrus head figurine and copy of the game, this is the ultimate pack for serious hunters, though no doubt there’ll also be strategy guides to purchase on top, so best get saving.

There’s no word on which European retailers will be offering these figurines or the limited editions – though is stocking the limited edition and will ship to Europe – but as always we’ll update you as soon as we get new information.

Update: GAME has commented to say that it is not currently offering this figure, but that could change:

We don't currently have this offer but if an offer goes up anyone who has already preordered will also receive the bonus item.

In the meantime, here's a press release to tide you over until you can play fight with your Rathalos and Lagiacrus figurines.

Monster Hunter Tri, the game everyone is talking about, roars into life across Europe on 23rd April 2010, and hunters that snap up a copy of the game or any bundle early will receive a stunning free Rathalos head figurine.

Gamers across Europe also have the opportunity to become the ultimate hunter by picking up the exclusive Monster Hunter Tri bundle, which includes the game, a black Classic Controller Pro, Wii Speak accessory and a Lagiacrus head figurine. The ultimate hunter pack bundle will be available from launch.

No ordinary action game, Monster Hunter Tri features an entire living and breathing ecosystem, where monsters interact authentically and naturally with each other, their environment – and you.

You play an up-and-coming hunter in a land where humans and monsters co-exist. Your battles with the fearsome creatures you face will be challenging, tactical and you will learn to pick them wisely, respecting the monsters and seeking to defeat them only in order to gain vital items for your quest.

A story-led single-player mode allows players to immerse themselves into the game’s huge world, and multiplayer modes offer an additional level of excitement. Play co-operatively in a two player split screen mode or team up with friends online and take part in epic battles with enormous, monsters. With full Wii Speak compatibility, hunters can share their knowledge of monsters’ weaknesses, discuss hunting strategy in real time, and even cry for help when needed or celebrate after a victorious battle.

Pre-order your copy or bundle now to ensure you collect a beautiful Rathalos head figurine.Monster Hunter Tri launches in Europe on 23rd April 2010.

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